Explore the Hidden Coastside
Corporate Team Building

Our Nature Experience can create a special comradeship. Eco Cycling or

Nature Hiking allows groups to Relax and become Rejuvenated.  These unique Memories and personal Bonds can transform your team while visiting the scenic "Coastside"environment. Our guests casually Network while coasting along the beach trail on our effortless Comfort Cannondale Cycles and Nature Hikes.

Team Building is Fun

Glass floats once supported fishing nets in the oceans around the globe. The glass floats, often, broke from their nets; There are thousands of antique glass balls floating in the Pacific Ocean. Some wash ashore delighting Pacific beachcombers. Our glass float, scavenger hunt gets your team out on the beach to pull together. The thrill of finding one of these colorful glass floats in the beach sand dunes is exciting.  Everyone wins, while experiencing working together without a time table. .

Adding Sand Castle competitions add a touch of creatativily and style.

Nature Experiences Unite Groups

Our beach tours visit the endangered snowy plover nesting grounds. Viewing theses tiny birds darting along the surf unites most groups to rally with a cheer of delight. Our groups come to see the coast and have fun with nature. They leave with newfound friends and special memories they cherish until their next meeting.  Our clients receive a group photograph as a reminder of their adventure.

Creating team building activities around delicious, organic, picnic food makes every occasion great fun. . Surf, Sand and Sun make our unique special events energizing.

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