Explore the Hidden Coastside
Guests Comments

Abel from Dallas, Texas
“You are Amazing!”

Jim and Karen from Charlotte, North Carolina
“We can tell you love nature, we enjoyed your enthusiasm”

Clair from Milwaukee Wisconsin
“I liked all the history you covered”

Our Corporate group from Releve’
While visiting the Snowey Plover’s nesting grounds -A group of twenty guests, cheered and clapped as the endangered Snowy Plover ran across the beach !

George from Michigan’s comment as he stood on the beach contemplating
Eco Tourism
George looked down at the sand and said
“We Are All In Trouble”

Matt from Colorado Springs, Colorado
“The green flash at sunset over the Pacfic Ocean during sunset is something cool to see”

Gregg from Madison, Wisconsin
“What happened to the Salmon?”
“Blue Heron are Spectacular! I have never seen one before”

Lana from Jamestown, Pennsylvania
“The chocolate snacks are an unexpected special treat”!

Sabrina from Woodside, California
“I have been tide pooling before but, I’ve never seen such beautiful colorful animals.
Learn to love nature while tide pooling”